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About Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design

Welcome to Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design!

To start, the launch of the website is a long held dream of mine, and I am grateful to be able to reach this goal through the unending support of my customers and friends and family. Thank You!!

My name is Beth Wilson and I started making jewelry over 20 years ago. since 1997 I have been selling jewelry at markets, trunk shows and wine festivals on both U.S. coasts. I have been asked many times why I don’t have a website…and now that we have relocated back to our home on the beautiful west shore of Lake Tahoe, now is the time!
I have been moving around the country for most of my life. I come from a military family and I married a Brit, so the much-loved travels have continued to this day. Along the way I have learned some new and unique techniques, and have come across some real finds at flea markets and bric-a-brac shops across Europe and North America. The inspiration from our travels has helped create some truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces and I pride myself on my unique designs and styles. I have always loved the simplicity and antiquity of European design, and this combined with the rugged style of the West has created endless possibilities!

My beloved customers can now order from their home anywhere around the globe, and know that they are getting the same great quality at an affordable price that they have come to expect. So, enjoy shopping - or just have a look around - and know that I am just an email away for special orders, questions or design ideas. I look forward to continued success and working with a whole new group of customers and friends!

My promises to you are simple:-
• Provide high product quality and superior customer service at a reasonable price;
• Strive to provide unique and stylish jewelry while making sure that you are involved every step of the way;
• The jewelry I love to make is 100% handmade by me.
• At any time if you are not happy with your choice, I will make sure that you are taken care of in a prompt fashion and with a smile!

Enjoying jewelry is a wonderful experience and I truly believe that when you receive your chosen piece, the jewelry will reflect that many times over. Enjoy!

Beth Wilson
Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design