Posted February 26 2013

To begin with: Thanks so much to everybody for the emails and the queries about the website launch- we are almost there!! As many of you know, we moved back to our lovely home in beautiful Homewood CA. from the DC area. We quickly unpacked (and packed again) and traveled to France to celebrate a beloved Granny’s birthday, and then off to the UK for work and more family visits! Back in Tahoe for a white and wonderful Christmas and New Years. With several snow-shoeing ventures with the dogs and some snowboarding under our belts, we are really excited to get the finishing touches of the website complete.

I have some new designs and styles that I think all will feel are really unique and ready to wear. I had so much fun running booths the last 12 years (!) I have learned and studied exactly what my beloved customers like. And don’t forget, all the vintage Isabel Mirabeau Design favorites will still be featured on the website, with hopes of making their way into gift bags for the seasons that lie ahead! I will also be keeping you updated on the new little goodies made exclusively by me, and the finds we will be bringing back from our travels.

So… welcome to our website, enjoy looking and shopping, and remember…. We always have a sale going!!!

(And yes, I will also be around to respond to emails regarding special orders: info@isabelbeadjewelry.com)

To end with: Thanks again to everyone!  This is a long held dream of mine- traveling and being inspired by my surroundings and doing what I love for a living! I am grateful to you ALL for following me from booth to booth, supporting me with your kind words and gentle reminders that it is now time for me to ‘Go for it!!!’




Beth Wilson
Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design